Bear on Bile Farm

Help us rescue bear Na 


Donate to rescue Na

Poor bear Na has spent 20 years of suffering in a tiny barren cage.

We have the unique chance to rescue her and bring her to our BEAR SANCTUARY Ninh Binh, but we urgently need support.

In her past, bear Na was abused for her bile. It’s a cruel procedure in which the bile is extracted from the bladder by a needle to be used for medicinal purposes.  Her whole life, Na was treated as a product. Her keepers didn’t even bother to name her – Na is the name we have given her (it means sugar apple) in the hope we will be able to give her a new name and a new life.   

Shocking keeping conditions 

Na is kept in an awful environment:  

  • The cage is barely larger than the size of a small car.
  • Metal bars all around- even on the floor.
  • No drinking water at her disposal.

You can help her to start over 

At our BEAR SANCTUARY Ninh Binh, she could finally experience what it means to live the life of a bear. She could swim in ponds, climb trees, meet other bears and get all the care and love she needs to recover from her traumatic past.  

But we can’t do it without support. Your donation could help make her rescue a reality. Make a gift today and give Na a fresh start in life! 

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