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We are pleased to be in contact with you through your questions, suggestions and constructive criticism. We are happy to be a useful resource on a platform built off respectful and open cooperation. To ensure this, we have a few guidelines listed below. 

we welcome:

  • Tolerance towards other points of view and opinions
  • Suggestions and feedback on our work
  • Notes on content
  • Be feverish, happy and part of our movement for animal welfare.
  • Stimulated and constructive discussions
  • Comments relating purely to the topic communicated in the posting
  • Statements supported by qualitative evidence

What we do not like to see:

  • Insulting, racist, violence glorifying and/or brutal statements and contents
  • Contributions with violation of the copyright or false factual claims
  • Political advertising, self-advertising or offers for sale

We reserve the right to remove any postings that violate the foregoing or are otherwise unacceptable and to block users.

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Thank you very much for your commitment to animal protection! We are looking forward to hearing from you!


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