Bear Luna at BEAR SANCTUARY Müritz


A FOUR PAWS project in Germany since 2006


BEAR SANCTUARY Müritz offers bears that are unable to be returned to the wild, a natural habitat in which they can fulfill their urge to wander, withdraw into their own space, dig out dens and go into a state of hibernation. When they arrive at the sanctuary, they first receive medical care. If they are ready, they are slowly accustomed to their new surroundings. Behavioral and environmental enrichment keeps the bears occupied and encourages bears coming out of captivity to behave naturally again. The bears are encouraged to socialize in order to further reduce behavioral disorders. After being fully acclimated, our bears can enjoy their new-found freedom and engage in their own unique behaviors at last.

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The entire visitors center, including the shop, bistro and reception is completely barrier-free. Visitors can follow a designated route through the sanctuary which is broad and as wheelchair-friendly as possible (best come with a companion though). Dogs are welcome on a leash but can also enjoy playing in the big, fenced-in playground. There are many different guided tours and events for children and adults available. We can also tailor experiences for individual groups, families, and school or kindergarten classes. Get all the details on the website.



Since 2006,

neglected and mistreated bears have found a lifelong safe and natural home at BEAR SANCTUARY Müritz. Today, the sanctuary covers an area of roughly 40 acres.




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Am Bärenwald 1, 
17209 Stuer,

You can find more contact information here – it is just 2 hours from Berlin (by car),
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Bear Mascha at BEAR SANCTUARY Müritz

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