Tigress Dehli at FELIDA Big Cat Sanctuary

FELIDA Big Cat Sanctuary

Our FOUR PAWS wild animal project in the Netherlands since 2014


FELIDA Big Cat Sanctuary provides a safe home to big cats, such as tigers and lions, focusing on intensive and specialized care for traumatized animals. These big cats come from a number of backgrounds, such as circuses, private keeping, and war-torn zoos, and often have had a difficult life before FOUR PAWS rescued them.

Some need lifelong, specialized care at the sanctuary while others might recover more fully from their trauma, thanks to the individual care they receive. If they recover well, both physically and mentally, a transfer to LIONSROCK Big Cat Sanctuary, our larger sanctuary in South Africa, is considered. 

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Wild animals do not belong in captivity, but the big cats we rescue from poor conditions are unfortunately unable to be released into the wild. However, FOUR PAWS is committed to provide the animals with lifelong high-quality care and an environment that is as close to nature as possible. The natural vegetation and structures allow the animals to withdraw and rest in nature or indoors as needed. They receive a natural diet and are encouraged to behave naturally by keeping them occupied through a range of behavioral and environmental enrichment.

FELIDA Big Cat Sanctuary is not open to the public, but only during special events based on appointments.


Founded in 2014

after FOUR PAWS took over an existing failing big cat rescue center due to financial problems. Since the takeover, a lot has happened. The facilities and animal care were strongly improved. Find out more about the history here!


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FELIDA Big Cat Sanctuary
Grindweg 22, 8422 DN Nijeberkoop
The Netherlands

You can find more contact information here – it is just 50 minutes from Groningen (by car),
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