Animals used in fashion

Animals in fashion

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Animals abused for fashion

Millions of animals are suffering around the world for fashion every year. Many are caged, mutilated, and face a brutal death for our clothing choices. 
But it doesn’t have to be this way!

Animal protection is a critical component of ethical fashion. Fashion owes a huge debt to animals but, unfortunately for our furry, feathered and finned friends, most brands don’t know much about animal welfare in their supply chains. But this is changing.

While there are significant animal welfare issues to be addressed across the global fashion trade, right now, we want to see action on four spotlight issues. These are mulesing in the Australian wool industry, fur farming and trapping wild animals for fur, exotic animal leather, and live-plucking down feathers from ducks and geese.

Exotic Skins Trade

Wildlife suffering for fashion

Three fur foxes in small cage

fur industry

Nightmare for caged & trapped animals


Fur trapping: What's the Issue?

Here's what you need to know about the fur industry


Down feathers

Painful live plucking

Sheep and mulesing

Wool and mulesing

A shocking practice

Brands against mulesed wool

Wool and Fashion

Clothing brands against mulesing

Cashmere from goats


The cost to goats



Goats are cruelly farmed for their soft hair

Animal-friendly shopping guide

Wear it kind

Guide to animal-friendly fashion


wear it kind 

A FOUR PAWS campaign shaking up the fashion industry


Why can FOUR PAWS help animals abused for fashion? 

"Our organization emerged when we opposed fur farms in Austria, more than a quarter of century ago ... Now the fight to protect animals from the horrors of the fur trade continues."

Josef Pfabigan, Co-Founder of FOUR PAWS

Animal Charity

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Join us in our global push for animal protection in fashion! 

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