companion animals

Life with a pet is a wonderful thing. Cats, dogs and small mammals are our family members, friends and companions. 

Sadly, not all companion animals enjoy the luxury of having a loving home. Stray animals live in many countries around the world. We aim to help these animals by taking a humane and sustainable approach and to end the suffering they go through.  

Cruelty to animals



How to adopt a pet

Tips and information on adopting an animal from a shelter


Tackling the cruel dog and cat meat trade in Asia

The consumption of dogs and cats is one of the most controversial animal practices today


Animal Assisted Intervention (AAI)

Rescuing stray dogs to become therapy dogs

Dog in pain

Pain in Pets

What your pet feels, and how to understand the warning signs

Dog with paw up

10 facts about dogs

Surprising facts about “man’s best friend”


10 facts about cats

Surprising facts about our feline friends

Elegant senior woman reading a book sitting on couch with pet dog beside her

Animals are Friends in Times of Need

Animals and their positive impact on the mental health of people


the beauty of adoption

Give a loving new home to a shelter animal
– and maybe even save its life.

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