Fox in a cage at a fur farm

It's Time to Close Fur Farms for Good!

The EU must listen to our voices – more than 1.5 million ask for a Fur Free Europe


Millions of innocent animals live locked up in tiny cages only to be brutally killed for their fur. FOUR PAWS is calling on the European Union to ban fur farming as well as farmed fur sales in Europe. Together we can do it! 

European citizens can join the Fur Free Movement and sign the European Citizens' Initiative (ECI)  to end this cruelty in the EU for good! (While Americans cannot sign this petition, you can still spread the word and share with your European family and friends!)

What’s next?

The organizers of the ECI have already met with the European Commission and participated in a public hearing in the European Parliament. The European Commission will respond publicly to the initiative before the end of the year.

Over the next months, FOUR PAWS and other animal welfare groups will do everything we can to ensure that a fur farming and sales ban will be included into EU animal welfare legislation.

Why over 1.7 million citizens signed to ban fur for good

The reality of fur farms 

  • UNACCEPTABLE: The living conditions of innocent wild animals, such as raccoon dogs, foxes and mink, farmed for fur are horrific. They stand no chance, kept in tiny cages and brutally killed for their fur. Let’s call on the EU not only to ban fur farming, but to also ban sales of farmed fur in Europe.
  • UNSAFE: Fur farms pose a risk to animal and human health. During the COVID-19 pandemic, hundreds of mink farms experienced coronavirus outbreaks, and new variants of the virus were transmitted to humans from animals. This can happen again if we don’t stop it!
  • UNSUSTAINABLE: Fur farming has a big environmental impact and poses a severe threat to our planet. Producing fur involves using toxic chemicals, and fur dressing and dyeing is ranked in the top five highest pollution-intensity industries in terms of land pollution by toxic metals.

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Minks in a cage at a fur farm

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