four paws helps bears in distress

We improve the living conditions of bears in captivity worldwide

FOUR PAWS estimates hundreds of bears in Europe still live in very poor conditions and are being kept illegally despite the ban on private bear-keeping.

In many parts of eastern Europe, bears are chained or held in cages in the vicinity of restaurants and hotels. Many are forced to perform tricks for the entertainment of tourists, to pose for pictures, or even drink alcohol.

In worst cases, bears are forced to take part in brutal dog fights or are used to train hunting dogs. 

Fewer than 330 – mainly Asiatic black bears – still live on around 100 bear bile farms. Although the Vietnamese government took commendable measures against the cruel keeping of bears in 2005 by banning the sale and consumption of bear bile, bile continues to be illegally extracted.

Over 120 Bears

now live at FOUR PAWS bear sanctuaries in Austria, Germany, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Vietnam and Kosovo!

Our Goal

We aim to improve the living conditions of imprisoned bears and to put an end to the worst forms of abuse. To achieve our goal, FOUR PAWS:

  • Cooperates with various governments and authorities around the world
  • Works to create long-term solutions through a legal framework
  • Develops and adheres to high- standards of care for wild animal keeping
  • Builds reputable bear sanctuaries around the world to free bears from illegal captivity and catastrophic conditions. By providing a life- long solution and care for these animals, we ensure these animals can spend the rest of their lives in peace

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