Injured and starving animals in Beirut

Mission to Lebanon

Injured and traumatized animals in Beirut


On August 4th 2020, a huge explosion devastated Beirut, causing enormous suffering and destruction and leaving the lives of both people and animals in desperate need of help. Confused, starving and dehydrated, many animal are left roaming the ruined streets of Beirut struggling to survive. 

Animals have been found trapped in buildings, or between debris, and its been a race against time to get them to safety and reunite them with their owners.

With Lebanon already facing political unrest and economic crisis, there is a lack of veterinary assistance, and the scarcity of medicines put severe limitations on relief efforts. With shortfalls of all medical equipment, medication, food, water and shelter, emergency help is greatly needed!

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February 2021
Dr Amir Khalil at a shelter

10 tonnes of food to the starving animals

Despite the challenges faced by the pandemic, the FOUR PAWS team made sure enough essentials such as food, medication, crates and beds to the shelters, whilst distributing food to the animals who were left suffering and homeless after the devastating blast last august.

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September 2020
The devastating fire

Busy as ever with a new fire in the port of Beirut

On the day of the blast, about a month ago, many animals were terrified and in fear, fled from their homes in Beirut. Luckily, this time there were no human or animal casualties reported so far, but the fire brought back the memories of the explosion.

After last month’s explosion, many animals were immediately reported missing and their owners have been searching for them relentlessly. We are very happy some of these cases have been solved and our team is able to give vet exams to check for injuries, provide basic preventive treatments and emergency food. Overall,  100 surgeries have already been performed, and many of the treated animals were reunited with their families. FOUR PAWS is the only animal welfare organization that has been providing disaster recovery services at the humanitarian tent area in Mar Mikhael.
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Hungry cat Antar

Cat Antar has been reunited with his family

The FOUR PAWS team has set up a space given by the municipality of Beirut in Mar Mikhael with all of the humanitarian organizations providing assistance to the community affected by the explosion. The team on site has been feeding the animals they have seen on the streets in and around the area.
 A male cat named Antar disappeared after the explosion and was suspected to have run away. Luckily, Antar decided to show up next to the FOUR PAWS tent. We were able to gain his trust over a few days and provide him with lifesaving food and water. He has been reunited with his family that has been looking for him and trying to coax him home.

August 2020
Dog Bella suffers from severe damage to the lungs after the explosion

Dog Bella suffers from severe lung damage from explosion 

Bella and her family were at home in one of the buildings close to the port in Beirut and severely affected by the blast when the explosion happened. Since then, this cute dog has trouble breathing properly and sometimes, she starts coughing while trying to get some air.
Our vets had a chance to take a closer look at her after they received some worrisome x-rays. The pictures showed damage to the lungs that was likely caused by the dust after the explosion. Bella is now undergoing treatment and we will continue monitoring her as she is still at risk. The recovery period will be long and unfortunately, it is still unclear whether normal breathing can be restored. We all hope for the best. Please keep supporting our important work and donate here.

Stray and lost animals in Lebanon will continue to receive help!

Stray and lost animals in Lebanon will continue to receive help!  

Our team in Beirut will work for a longer period of time to provide care for the animals rescued after the explosion. Thanks to your support, a lot of clinic work involving  spaying and neutering as well as feedings have been done. We are happy to let you know that more than 200 animals were treated and neutered so far. The team will continue with the important work to distribute food and treat animals in affected areas. We want to help more animals that are roaming around in Lebanon. Please support our work!

Our team in Beirut and   Animals Lebanon   continue to provide help for the animals

Our team in Beirut continues to provide help for animals

Last week, the focus was mainly on medical treatments and neutering. We are happy to let you know that in total 68 animals (32 dogs and 36 cats) were treated and neutered so far.  We want to help more animals that are roaming around in Lebanon. Can we count on your support?

Injured cat gets a second chance

Injured cat gets a second chance

Our team is continuing to treat animals in need in Beirut. Of the animals that survived the blast of the explosion, one male cat in particular, Garfield, had an injury that was especially severe. As you can see in the picture, one of his eyes was badly damaged. Luckily, the team provided the poor guy with urgently needed care and performed a surgery on him. Unfortunately, Garfield's eye could not be saved. He was not reported as lost, has no microchip, so we don’t know anything about his background. We hope Garfield will recover soon and can find a new home. 

Our team has arrived in Lebanon's capital

Our team has arrived in Lebanon's capital

Dr. Amir Khalil and his team are currently treating animals in need, who are also the victims of the terrible explosion! Many of them are wounded and we have witnessed some severe injuries as a result of the blast. Life on the streets was already hard, especially these days. Now, with this kind of trauma, many of these strays wouldn't have lasted much longer out on their own. Luckily, the team is providing them with urgently needed surgeries, treatments, and essential care. Many have not been reported as lost and with no microchips, we cannot find out anything about their background. Wherever possible the strays and animals without owners will be put up for adoption. We want to help more animals in Lebanon. 

Cat after the explosion

The clock is ticking

Countless dogs, cats, as well as other animals need help urgently! We want to help the harmed animals of Beirut and hopefully reunite them with their owners as soon as possible. Many of the animals are still trapped in damaged houses and have to be found and freed first. Please don't forget the animals in Lebanon and donate today!  



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