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Mission to Ukraine

Emergency food delivery for zoo animals in Ukraine


As the war in Ukraine continues, many people are forced to leave their homes. The situation on-site for pets, stray and zoo animals remains alarming: They need our help more than ever. 

With this second delivery of food and supplies, totaling 20 tons, FOUR PAWS aims to bring relief to the animals and people in the zoos who are living under most difficult circumstances. Find out the details of this mission here.

Read more about it FOUR PAWS food delivery in April 2022. 

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Stay tuned! This timeline will be updated during the mission.

Animal food is being loaded on a train, that will go to Kiev, Ukraine to feed Zoo animals

Step 1: Train leaves Vienna

The transport leaving from Austria (on Friday) is heading for Kyiv zoo from where the food will be taken to another six other Ukrainian zoos. The transport is done in cooperation with the Austrian Federal Railways. It contains 20 tons (over 40,000 lbs) of food for the zoo animals.

Missions like this are full of uncertainty, and we will do everything we can to make sure that the food is delivered to these desperate animals. Please support missions like this for animals in Ukraine. Today, they need us more than ever and we won’t let them down. 

Update: 4/29/2022 | #FoodForAnimals
The food is on its way! 
Soon the animals in Kyiv Zoo and many other zoos in Ukraine will receive the animal food. The train already departed, and it will most probably take up to a week until the desperately needed goods will arrive at the Kyiv zoo.

Animal food is being loaded on trucks to go to Ukraine

Step 2: At the Border in Ukraine

At the Ukrainian-Hungarian border, the food is loaded onto trucks to go to Kyiv Zoo.

Update: 5/5/2022 | A mission across borders
First milestone accomplished! The supplies were transported to the Ukrainian border by train. The distribution of the food to the trucks has already taken place. Soon the animals in Kyiv Zoo and many other Ukrainian zoos will receive 20 tons (over 44,000 lbs) of food. It is hard to say when exactly the delivery will arrive at Kyiv zoo but the team is hoping for the best and we will keep you updated.

Lion at Kyiv zoo

Step 3: Delivery at Kyiv Zoo

After 6-7 days, the trucks are expected to arrive in Kyiv.

Update 5/9/2022 | The food arrived in Kyiv
Our support for Ukrainian zoos in Kharkiv, Odessa, Mykolayiv, Cherkassy, Kyiv, and Mena with animal food has made it to its destination. After a long trip, the much-needed hay and food will help those animals who also suffer in these difficult times.


Step 4: Distribution to Zoos in Ukraine

The 20 tons (over 44,000 lbs) of food finally arrived in Kyiv. Here, the food will be further distributed to Kharkiv Zoo, Mykolayiv Zoo, Cherkassy Zoo, Odessa Zoo, and Mena Zoo.

Bears currently at Kyiv Zoo

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