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Help End Stray Animal Suffering 

Every year, millions of animals worldwide suffer from hunger, disease, misery, and abuse on the streets because they are left to fend for themselves. 

It is not uncommon for unwanted pets to be abandoned or born into suffering lives. Globally, homeless dogs and cats suffer in silence. 

Dedicated members of our Stray Animal Care team are working tirelessly to help these animals. FOUR PAWS and our partners neuter and vaccinate thousands of stray animals throughout Asia and Eastern Europe to prevent senseless killing. The programs we offer also provide medical care and protection to animals who are ill or injured. No animal suffering goes unnoticed.  

Our resources are limited. 

Each donation we receive will allow us to continue to provide vital services to those in need. In addition to bringing hope to animals in need, your generous donation could potentially save the lives of countless animals.  

Your gift today, to the Live Kinder Fund, supports all aspects of the FOUR PAWS mission. We reserve the right to use your gift where the need is greatest. 

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Stray cat in Bulgaria