Fitness influencer Rebecca Louise at AROSA Bear Sanctuary, Switzerland

Become an Ambassador for Animal Welfare

Support FOUR PAWS and together reveal suffering, rescue animals in need and protect them

Together, with your support, we will keep fighting for a world where animals are treated with respect, empathy, and understanding. Whether you are an artist, athlete, influencer, content creator, book author or filmmaker – become part of a global movement and an ambassador for FOUR PAWS. Help us draw attention to animal welfare issues worldwide and create a kinder future for animals.

Pop star Cher and Dr. Amir Khalil at Siem Reap Airport, Cambodia

Pop star Cher and Dr. Amir Khalil welcome elephant Kaavan at Siem Reap Airport, Cambodia

Use your voice to help animals worldwide 

Over the last 30+ years, FOUR PAWS has grown considerably and emerged as a leading global animal welfare organization. Our rescues, projects, and campaigns have won the hearts and minds of millions of supporters, but we still have much work ahead of us. We need to share our very important projects with as many people as possible to end animal suffering around the world.

As a FOUR PAWS ambassador, your voice will help us achieve this and improve the lives of animals worldwide. Our teams have worked with influencers and talents on incredible projects that have had a truly global impact. Ultimately, we aim to achieve a long-term, sustainable improvement of the welfare of wild animals, companion animals, and so-called farm animals, but also know there are times that call for immediate action. Our rapid response missions have saved hundreds of animals suffering from natural disasters and the impacts of war. Many of these rescued animals are now in their forever home at a FOUR PAWS sanctuary.

UK singer Tom Grennan and his adopted rescue dog Marmite

In the recent years, we have been collaborating with many different amazing talents, such as Tom Grennan, Cher, Alicia Silverstone, Sia, Kesha, Little Mix, Kristin Davis, Rebecca Louise, Charly Savely, Brian Cox CBE and Thuso Mbedu, as well as international book authors and filmmakers. They all have in common a passion to improve the lives of animals.

“If I can do anything to make more people aware of FOUR PAWS and help them raise funds to continue their amazing work, then I’ll be a happy man. I’m doing this for Marmite and all the other dogs like him that need our support and a little bit of love to transform their lives.”

Tom Grennan, singer and FOUR PAWS Ambassador

You can also be part of our mission to create a world where animals are treated with respect, empathy, and understanding. Help us build support to #RevealRescueProtect by being a FOUR PAWS ambassador.

If you know which topic(s) you would like to support, or would like to discuss the possibilities, please reach out. We'd love to hear from you.

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Martin Bauer, FOUR PAWS Head of Ambassador Relations

Martin Bauer

Head of Ambassador Relations