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Volunteering at FOUR PAWS

As an international organization with offices, sanctuaries, and projects all around the world, we are looking for dedicated individuals interested in donating their time and talents to supporting our cause. See our latest volunteering opportunities.

Volunteer at TIERART Wild Animal Sanctuary

Volunteer at TIERART Wild Animal Sanctuary
in Germany

Through the European Solidarity Corps.’ volunteer program, join the talented team at TIERART. The sanctuary is located on a former US military site in Germany, and volunteers help support the animals we rescued and protect. Here we rehabilitate native animals, and when possible, release them back into the wild.  Click here to learn more!

Volunteer at BEAR SANCTUARY Prishtina

Volunteer at BEAR SANCTUARY Prishtina
in Kosovo

BEAR SANCTUARY Prishtina is located in the lush, green valley of Kosovo’s Badovc lake, 20km from the country’s capital city. FOUR PAWS established the sanctuary as a safe haven for so-called restaurant bears in Kosovo and Albania. Currently, 20 rescued bears reside at the sanctuary, and they are free to roam in approximately 40 acres of the natural environment.

As part of the 
European Solidarity Corps. volunteer program, we are now accepting applications for two rewarding volunteering opportunities: Animal Care Assistant and Education Assistant. Please apply by 2 June, 2023. Click here to learn more!

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