Lions in sudan

This Giving Tuesday, Help us care for nearly 50 animals just rescued in Sudan

An urgent mission to rescue animals trapped in a war zone


Mission Update

On Giving Tuesday, we are asking for your support for this intense and difficult mission.  

One of our biggest and most dangerous missions was a success! Nearly 50 animals could be evacuated from the conflict zone. While they are safe from war now, the months without proper food or medical care have taken their toll on their health. They urgently need medical care.

We are currently covering the cost of food and veterinary care, while the Sudan Wildlife authorities take care of the animals. Together, we are working very hard to find a sustainable long-term solution for the animals.

These animals deserve only the best after what they had to go through. Will you make a gift to support their ongoing care?

Save the Sudan Lions

Giving Tuesday

#GivingTuesday is a yearly, global movement born from the reach of social media and fueled by the power of giving. We are always fighting to reach more animals in need and that would not be possible without our supporters.

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Why support FOUR PAWS?

We understand, you want to make sure to donate to the right cause. What charities will I support? Will my donation be doubled with a matching gift? What change will my dollars make? No matter what cause you support, this Tuesday, you can give something back.  

Will you support us this Giving Tuesday? 

lions behind cage in Sudan

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