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10 Fashionable Gift Ideas to #WearItKind this Holiday Season

Animal-friendly fashion that is warm, stylish, and sustainable!


Looking for the perfect winter fashion for yourself or for the animal lover in your life? Here are 10 gift ideas to help you #WearItKind this holiday season.

Down-free Puffer Jackets

These comfy jackets make a fashion statement while keeping you warm, but be sure your jacket isn’t hiding a cruel secret inside. If you prefer a down jacket, be sure that it is made with certified Responsible Down Standards—better yet, buy a down-free insulated jacket, which are now offered from many brands including Patagonia, Kathmandu, The Northface, and Fjallraven.

Knit Sweaters, Mittens, Hats, and Socks

Knit products keep us comfy and warm in the winter season, but there are some ethical concerns around wool production. If you can, opt for alternative materials such as fibers made from bamboo, cotton, hemp, linen, lyocell, Tencel, or Modal.  If you do choose to buy wool, be sure to purchase from brands who have committed to only use wool from certified mulesing-free wool growers. You can see our full list of Brands Against Mulesing here.

Mulesing is a cruel practice in which lams have large strips of skin cut away from their buttocks, often without necessary pain relief.  Whether you decide to purchase knit products or hand-knit gifts of your own, be sure that the materials are animal friendly and cruelty-free! You can learn more about wool in our Guide for Knitters.

“Cashmere” Goods

Is it possible to have the luxurious feel of cashmere without the cruelty? Look no further than KD New York vegetable cashmere! This fiber is ultrasoft, biodegradable, and cruelty-free!   

"Silk” Pajamas

There’s no feeling like spending the holidays in your favorite PJs, and you don’t need to sacrifice luxury or comfort in order to #WearItKind. Let’s let silkworms turn into beautiful moths and opt for silk alternatives that are just as cozy as the real thing. Try sleepwear made from sustainably harvested Tencel or Lyocell, a cellulose fiber made from sustainable forestry. Brands such as Underprotection combine ethical production and materials with fashionable aesthetics. 

Faux Fur Products

While many people would never knowingly buy a full length fur coat, consumers might forget to think about the pompoms on hats and the trim on hoods, collars, gloves or shoes. Behind every little bit of fur application hides an enormous amount of animal suffering. Making things difficult, real fur is not always properly labeled. To find the perfect gift, check out the Fur Free Retailer Program which includes over 1,600 brands that have taken a stand against fur. 

Winter wear made from alternatives to alpaca and mohair

Make sure your winter fashion is cruelty free from head to toe this holiday season! There are many great alternatives to alpaca and mohair out there, including the brand NIKIN, which uses all sustainable materials and will plant a tree with every purchase. Eileen Fisher and Patagonia also offer stylish and sustainably designed gloves and mittens to keep you warm during your winter adventures. 

Plant-based “Leather” Handbags

If you like the look of leather, but not the cruelty connected to the product, there are some amazing animal-free alternatives on the market made from pineapple, cactus, corn, and cork. You can find these fashionable plant-based handbags from brands such as miomojo, A_C and Svala. 

Products made from alternatives to exotic skins

See you later, alligator! The production of leather made from reptiles such as snakes, crocodiles, and alligators is incredibly cruel and the trade is also fraught with illegal wildlife trafficking. Be sure to look for animal-free products when purchasing shoes, belts, handbags, and watch wristbands. There are many stylish and versatile alternatives out there, such as those using recycled materials, ecosuade, cork, or Piñatex. Brands such as Burberry, Moda Operandi, and American Express took positive steps forward this year and have now banned exotic leather. 

Cruelty-free boots

Take advantage of the innovative, stylish, and animal-friendly brands that are rolling out leather alternatives for footwear. Put a spring in your step with Bohema’s boots, made from Desserto cactus or try apple skin leather versions from Good Guys Don’t Weather Leather. 

Upcycled fashion

Gifts don’t always have to be new in order to be thoughtful and fashionable! Shop at local vintage boutiques, second-hand stores, or e-marketplaces to find the perfect gift for your loved one (or for yourself)! There are also many online services that sell high-end fashion for a cheaper price. It can be fun to peruse fashion from previous eras, and preloved clothing is good for the planet and good for the animals!

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