FOUR PAWS Staff with Artist Sophy Tuttle

2023 Highlights & Achievements at FOUR PAWS USA

A look back at some of our top accomplishments this year


Though we may be best known for rescuing and protecting animals in need all over the world, FOUR PAWS has a US office, based in Boston, Massachusetts, where we work on US specific issues as well as global issues.

Take a look at some of our favorite US highlights from 2023:

Protecting Endangered Species

The #ESA50 Coalition

2023 is the 50th anniversary of the Endangered Species Act, and FOUR PAWS is a member of the #ESA50 coalition which has come together for a year-long celebration of the ESA. The celebration includes the national mural and art series, educational events and forums, advocacy opportunities, and an ESA50 Awards Ceremony and Gathering in Washington D.C.

Finding Homes for Rescued Dog Meat Trade Survivors

All dogs brought to the US now have loving homes

After flying 9 dog meat trade survivors to the US from Cambodia at the end of 2022, we are happy to share the news that all 9 quickly found loving homes in 2023.

Animal Welfare and Pandemic Prevention

Presenting at the CUGH conference in DC

FOUR PAWS staff presented at the Consortium for Universities for Global Health (CUGH) conference in Washington D.C. in order to draw attention to the importance of animal welfare in global health. Learn more here.

Partnering with artist Sonny Sundancer

Painting a Tiger Mural in NYC

We partnered with artist Sonny Sundancer to paint a 3 story tall tiger mural in New York City as a part of our #BreakTheViciousCycle campaign and #ESA50 celebration.

Partnering with artist Sophy Tuttle

Advocating for Big Cats through Art

We partnered with artist Sophy Tuttle to create a painting that advocates for big cats and celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Endangered Species Act.

March Napness

The Bracket Hibernation Competition 

In collaboration with our BEAR SANCTUARIES, we held our first ever March Napness hibernation competition and crowned bear Mascha as 2023’s sleepiest bear.

Advocating for Vets

Raising Awareness for Mental Health

FOUR PAWS was invited to the prestigious SXSW Festival to speak on a panel that raised awareness for the mental health crisis facing veterinarians.

Ban Cruel Crates

New Jersey passes important bill for farm animals

FOUR PAWS is a member of the coalition to Ban the Crates, and we are thrilled that the New Jersey passed a law this year to ban the cruel confinement of mother pigs in gestation crates and calves in veal crates.

Protecting Birds in New York City

Lights Out Bill in NYC

NYC Council passes the “Lights Out” bill, which protects more than 240,000 birds by requiring NYC buildings to turn off non-essential lighting from 11pm-6am to reduce light pollution and protect migrating birds passing over the city. Learn more.

Advocating for Circus Animals

Bill to End Circus Cruelty in MA

Representatives from FOUR PAWS and other local animal welfare groups testified at the Massachusetts State House in favor of prohibiting the use of elephants, big cats, nonhuman primates, giraffes, and bears in traveling and wild animal acts in the state. Learn how you can help.

Support Fur Bans

Banning New Fur Sales in Massachusetts

FOUR PAWS supports state bills S. 590 and H. 849, which would ban the sale of new fur in Massachusetts. MA residents, learn how you can help pass this bill.

Protecting Pollinators

A NY bill would protect pollinators and people

FOUR PAWS supports the Birds and Bees Protection Act (A7640/S1856A) in NY, which would dramatically reduces pesticide use to protect pollinators and people. While the bill has passed, it is still waiting on signature for NY’s Governor. Help here.

Read more about our legislative work in the US!

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Lion Nikola at FELIDA Big Cat Sanctuary

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