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Animal-Friendly Travel Is Easier Than You Think

We are calling on the public to be responsible travelers and Travel Kind – for the future of humankind, the planet and for animals.


Despite many travel plans being cancelled due to the pandemic, many of us are still dreaming of where our next trip will take us. When making those plans, why not consider traveling responsibly and being an animal-friendly traveler? It's the kind thing to do and is easier than you think! 

As animal lovers, we all enjoy being able to see animals while on vacation. However, the sad reality is that thousands of wild animals are suffering just to entertain tourists and domesticated animals are enduring cruel treatment just to carry us around. We can do our part to protect them by making a conscious decision to Travel Kind

By enjoying animals in their natural habit and not hugging, riding or touching them, we can still get close to nature, but on their terms, not ours. No animal is here for our entertainment or to be used as a prop for pictures. A decision to step away from a photo opportunity or to not purchase a souvenir using animal parts are just some of the simple ways you can choose to Travel Kind.   

As we look towards a better future that will allow us to venture forth into the world once more, we should all plan to Travel Responsibly and Travel Kind. In being kinder, we collectively have the power to protect animals and the planet. 

Animal Charity

Find out more about how you can Travel Kind  and don’t forget to let us know about the steps you’re taking to be an animal-friendly traveler on social media. #TravelKind

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