Surrogate mother Aoliya interacting with Tegar

Celebrating all kinds of Moms on Mother's Day

We have the perfect gift for the mom in your life!


In honor of Mother's Day, we are celebrating all kinds of moms throughout the human and animal kingdom! While the bond between human moms and children can be remarkably strong, motherly bonds come in all different forms--just ask any fur baby mama!  The bond between humans and our pets can be some of the most enduring and meaningful in our lives, and of course, animal mothers care deeply for their babies too.

Looking for something special for the animal loving moms in your life? We have the perfect gift! Whether you have one mom or two, whether they're the mother who raised you, the mother to your pets or children, or the motherly figure who stepped in and was there for you when you needed them, say thank you to the Moms in your life with our digital cards!

Send your Mom a fun, animal-themed digital card

Tiger Mafalda sniffing the air amongst the tall grass

Tiger Mafalda is mother to Messi and Gustavo. Known as the #TrainTigers, all three big cats, along with their father Sandro, were rescued from an abandoned train car in Argentina and brought to our LIONSROCK Big Cat Sanctuary in South Africa. 

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