FOUR PAWS partners with influencer to #FightForCats and end the cat meat trade in Southeast Asia


FOUR PAWS USA, the Boston-based office of the global animal welfare organization, has partnered with Smush, the social media influencer and advocate for animal welfare and social causes, and her organization, the Smush Foundation, to help end the dog and cat meat trade in Southeast Asia!

FOUR PAWS and Smush both believe that the dog and cat meat trade is one of the most pressing companion animal welfare issues of our time with an estimated 30 million animals killed per year across Asia. While most people have heard of the dog meat trade, few know that cats are often stolen, trafficked, and killed for the cat meat trade as well.

“This is why FOUR PAWS needed to bring in the “big guns”. The partnership between FOUR PAWS and Smush works because Smush is a powerhouse of positivity. Smush is an underdog; but inside every underdog, is a fighting spirit that never gives up. Smush never gave up despite being born a stray and fighting through months of treatment as a sick kitten. Smush’s message of positivity and determination are what is needed to end such a heinous trade as cat and dog meat!” explained Claire LaFrance, Head of Communications for FOUR PAWS USA.

Smush has been helping FOUR PAWS by sharing their message and raising awareness of the trade, directing people where to take action, turning everyday warriors into a massive movement to #ProtectMillions.

 FOUR PAWS just celebrated reaching one million signatures on their petition to the governments of Southeast Asia to end the dog and cat meat trade! Additionally, their team on the ground has successfully closed two dog slaughterhouses and is currently working on closing a third one that mostly involves cats, rescuing all animals on-site, including at least 8 cats!

“When Smush heard that cat meat was marketed as "little tiger" in Vietnamese, she knew she needed to stand up against this unnecessary cruelty.” Said Shannon Jackson, Smush’s loving owner, professional photographer and activist. “The #Fightforcats movement can and will make a difference in this world for millions of cats! No matter how big or how small you are, your voice matters. YOU can make the world a better place.”

FOUR PAWS’ global petition to end the dog and cat meat trade in Southeast Asia has garnered immense public support reaching over 1 million signatures by the end of 2020!


What You can Do to help End the Dog and Cat Meat Trade?

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