Dog meat trade survivors Jack, Lucky, and Novel

We're bringing nine dogs home for the holidays

This Giving Tuesday, we're raising money to fly 9 survivors of the dog and cat meat trade from Cambodia to the United States to find their forever homes


The Rescue

The 61 dogs were crammed into small cages

In February of 2021, FOUR PAWS aided the Cambodian authorities with the interception of 61 dogs who were bound for certain death, our 9 superhero dogs amongst them. The province of Siem Reap, Cambodia had passed a law banning the dog meat trade in July of 2020, so the illegal traffickers were arrested, and the 61 dogs were taken into FOUR PAWS’ care.  

The poor dogs were crammed into just 6 cages, and their bodies were so tangled together that it was difficult to tell which foot belonged to which dog; they were intertwined in what seemed to be a desperate ball of animals. We freed the dogs from their cages, careful not to injure or scare the animals any more than they already had been. It became clear that dogs were dehydrated and hadn’t eaten for days, so we immediately provided food and water for them and brought them somewhere safe.

The 61 dogs shortly after they were rescued from the dog and cat meat trade

Thanks to your support, we were able to build a new facility in Cambodia where our devoted staff have housed, fed, and cared for these #SlaughterhouseSurvivors. While many of the 61 dogs have found loving homes in Cambodia, several are still searching for their perfect family, and 9 lucky dogs are ready to make the journey to the US to start their new lives.

Not only will your gift help support the journey of Quill, Valkyrie, Maverick, Jack, Nita, Pepper Potts, Lassie, Novel, and Lucky, but it will also help support our work to end the dog and cat meat trade in Southeast Asia and rescue more dogs from a cruel fate.

Support the journey of the superhero dogs

Meet the dogs

These 9 superheroes are flying home for the holidays!


Meet Jack! We’re calling Jack a “jokester” because he loves the spotlight and can be just a little mischievous. He’s a sweet boy who loves people and even gives “hugs”!



Meet Quill! We’re calling him the “Jock” because Quill is one athletic dude! He’s active, playful, and just a little competitive with fellow male dogs. He loves people and would be a fantastic teammate for anyone looking to up their game on a hike, jog, or even to support your favorite football team alongside you on the couch.


Meet Maverick! We’re calling her the “tough girl” because this lady is a fighter. After her rescue, she tested positive for distemper. With round-the-clock vet care, she pulled through. Because of her extended time spent in the vet hospital, she can be a little slow to let her guard down around new friends. When she does come around, she’s very affectionate!

Pepper Potts

Meet Pepper Potts! We’re calling him the “Popular Kid” because he’s friends with everyone! Pepper Potts is a fan of people and other dogs alike. Calm, relaxed, this wonderful tiger-striped pup is a hero in our book.


Meet Nita! We’re calling her the “empath” because despite having lost both eyes, she is one of the sweetest souls around, generous and kind with all she meets. There's so much love in her little body, it pours out in the form of hugs and kisses. She especially loves children, and will jump up for hugs when she hears the voices of loved ones around her.


Meet Valkyrie! We’re calling her the "Social Butterfly” because she’s friends with everyone she meets! Valkyrie gets along great with people and other dogs, alike. At a party, Valkyrie would be the host, checking in with every guest to make sure they’re having a good time and drinking enough water. 


Meet Novel! We’re calling her the “introvert” because she can be a little timid when first meeting new people, but is an otherwise incredibly sweet and gentle pup once you get to know her. She’s the perfect partner for those snuggly winter nights spent binging TV and drinking hot tea.


Meet Lucky! We’re calling her the “mom friend” because our vet staff has determined she has had at least one litter prior to her rescue. She’s also a discerning and independent lady. She can take a little while to trust new people, but once she does, this calm and gentle soul will be your best friend for life. 


Meet Lassie! We’re calling Lassie a “#CottageCore Queen” because she’s very sweet, calm, and her favorite food at the shelter is rice and chicken soup! She’s the perfect companion for someone who enjoys being cozy and snuggled up with a warm meal and a book to read.

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