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In their natural environments, most animals are shy and seek shelter from view. If they live in zoos, they are often prevented from doing so, so they can be seen by paying visitors. At the FOUR PAWS sanctuaries we try to create conditions that are as close to nature as possible and to offer the animals opportunities so that they can withdraw. Our animals also 'hide' in our memory and are waiting to be discovered by you.

This game is for the whole family! This is how it works:

  1. Download the PDF
  2. Print every page twice
  3. Cut out the cards/images
  4. For a little more stability, stick the pictures on cardboard cards
  5. Turn the card over, mix well and get started!

Have fun playing!

This memory game must be printed out. This enables the game to be played remotely from the computer and also outside. Nevertheless, we recommend responsible handling of printed matter.

Animal Memory Game

Animal Memory Game

Download our animal memory game to print out!

Bear Luna

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The animal memory can also be played digitally 

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