6 Rescued Dogs to Land at Logan on Thursday

FOUR PAWS closed slaughterhouse in Cambodia, transitioned owner to rice farming, rescued all dogs onsite and brings them #HomefortheHolidays



BOSTON. DEC 10 2019- The staff at the Boston-based office of the global animal welfare organization, Four Paws, will be greeting a very special arrival into Logan Airport this coming Thursday:  Six dogs rescued by Four Paws team in Cambodia as they closed a dog slaughterhouse in the Takeo Province on October 27th.

This particular slaughterhouse was the largest supplier of dog meat in the province, killing over 2,000 dogs per year, adding to the estimated totals of 3 million dogs killed in Cambodia every year for their meat.

The dog meat trade in Cambodia has received little attention in recent years as compared with China’s Yulin festival and Korea’s dog meat farms. Victims of the trade include stray dogs and pets stolen right from backyards and homes.

Among the ten animals rescued from the slaughterhouse were two dogs that the owner kept in a holding cage as good luck charms since they were puppies.  Every day for more than two years, these two dogs watched their cage mates being brutally killed. The fate of these animals is unfortunately not an isolated case.

For now, Boomer, Maddie, Gabby, Hope, Archie and Widget have one final leg of their incredible survival story journey, now dubbed #HomefortheHolidays on social media. Once in Boston, Four Paws staff will drive them to a shelter partner in New Hampshire, Connect A Pet New England, where they will be able to rest during their mandatory quarantine before being released into foster care.

This lucky 6 dogs are not the first and will not be the last. In October, the staff welcomed 6 initial dogs rescued over the last 6 months in Cambodia, most freed moments before being killed. Currently these dogs are enjoying their first taste of snow in their adopted homes in and around New England. These rescues and transports are just one tactic in Four Paws’ multifaceted campaign to end the Dog and Cat Meat Trade in SE Asia.

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