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Animals in Ukraine Further EndangerED By Dam Breach, Flooding 

FOUR PAWS responds with aid to help animals affected by the catastrophe 


JUNE 7 2023 – Ukraine faces another devastating blow due to the breach of the Kakhovka dam in Kherson region, which puts thousands of lives – humans and animals alike – at risk. After the major flooding catastrophe, FOUR PAWS responds through existing networks with aid. 

Aid packages are currently on the way to Kherson region consisting of food and cages, specifically five tons of pet food, both for dogs and cats, and 30 cages to facilitate the rescue and evacuation of animals in the Mykolaiv region. Additionally, a supply of two boats has been organized to pull animals out of the water.

FOUR PAWS has been working in different animal projects in various Ukrainian cities and municipalities since 2012 and runs BEAR SANCTUARY Domazhyr, a unique center for the rescue and rehabilitation of brown bears in Western Ukraine.

Since the organizations long-standing work in the country, FOUR PAWS staff remain on site to deliver emergency help as well as to foster existing programs such as running a clinic in Mykolaiv that treats injured animals for free. A designated vet team from our Kishka project, which focuses on cats, is also alerted and on standby to treat evacuated animals in their clinics.

 “Ukraine has already endured so much due to the ongoing war, and now it faces another devastating blow. Thousands of innocent lives, both human and animals, are at risk due to the floods and they need our help now more than ever before,” said Manuela Rowlings, Head of Stray Animal Care (SAC) in Europe at FOUR PAWS.

“Since day one of the war, we have given all our support to the precious lives of thousands of Ukrainian animals. Today, we reaffirm our commitment and are rushing pet food and medicines to the affected areas in and near Kherson region. Also, our USAVA partnership clinic is engaged in providing assistance, trying to rescue as many innocent lives as possible.

“Our thoughts and support go out to all those in Ukraine who must endure yet another tragic event. Let's stand united and show Ukraine that they are not alone in this struggle, and that we can bring hope to those facing unimaginable challenges.” 

-Manuela Rowlings, Head of Stray Animal Care (SAC) in Europe at FOUR PAWS

The FOUR PAWS SAC teams have been working in various cities in Ukraine since 2012. In total over 33,000 stray dogs and cats were successfully spayed/neutered and vaccinated and, if needed, received additional medical treatment. The roaming animals are caught, neutered, vaccinated and returned (CNVR method) to the communities: the only humane and sustainable way to reduce stray animal populations. According to estimations from the WHO, there are 200 million stray dogs worldwide with many of them living in Eastern Europe.

After a short hiatus due to the outbreak of the war, FOUR PAWS picked up its activities again in April 2022 and since then delivers much-needed support for stray animals, including those that were already living in the streets as well as pets and shelter animals that were forced to be left behind when their owners fled the country or fell victim to the attacks.

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FOUR PAWS is the global animal welfare organization for animals under direct human influence, which reveals suffering, rescues animals in need, and protects them. Founded in 1988 in Vienna by Heli Dungler and friends, the organization advocates for a world where humans treat animals with respect, empathy, and understanding. FOUR PAWS’ sustainable campaigns and projects focus on companion animals including stray dogs and cats, farm animals and wild animals – such as bears, big cats, and orangutans – kept in inappropriate conditions as well as in disaster and conflict zones. With offices in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Kosovo, the Netherlands, Switzerland, South Africa, Thailand, Ukraine, the UK, the USA and Vietnam, as well as sanctuaries for rescued animals in eleven countries, FOUR PAWS provides rapid help and long-term solutions. 

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