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Are You and Your Animals Storm-Ready? 

A Guide to keeping your pets safe during severe weather


Ensure your pet's safety during storms. Learn how to create a plan, assemble a kit, and manage storm phobias.

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Understanding the Threats and Creating a Plan

Be prepared: Know the threats, make a plan

Tornadoes and cyclonic storms (hurricanes, typhoons, cyclones) present different dangers. Tornadoes strike quickly, while cyclonic storms bring high winds, rain, and potential flooding. Knowing your area's specific threats helps tailor your plan.

Assemble a comprehensive disaster kit

Pack for your pet's protection: Building a disaster kit


  • Several days' worth of pet food and bottled water
  • Medications your pet needs
  • Familiar toys and bedding for comfort



  • Sturdy leash or carrier for easy transport
  • Copies of medical records in a waterproof container
  •  Extra collar with updated ID tags



  • Battery-powered radio for news updates

Practice Make Perfect: Rehearse Your Response

Practice your response: Drills for a calm pet

Rehearse your plan with your pet. Identify a safe shelter in your home (basement, interior room) and familiarize them with it before the storm. Spend time together in the shelter to reduce anxiety.

Evacuation Plans: When Leaving is Necessary

Research pet-friendly shelters in advance, as not all shelters accept animals. Consider backup plans like boarding facilities or pet-friendly hotels outside the evacuation zone. Ensure your pet's ID tags are current with your contact information.

Helping Pets Cope with Storm Phobias

Calming your storm-anxious pet

Distraction is key: Engage your pet with toys or familiar commands during storms.

Create a Safe Space: Provide a quiet, sheltered area accessible during storms for comfort.

Seek Professional Help: For severe phobias, consult your veterinarian or animal behaviorist for a desensitization plan before storm season.

Be Prepared: Plan Ahead for Storm Season

Don't Wait Until the Storm Hits: Prepare Now!

By preparing a kit and plan well before the storm season, you ensure the safety of your entire family, including your furry companions. A little preparation goes a long way in keeping them safe and stress-free during severe weather.

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