Cat Fun in Autumn  

How to keep your pet busy and entertained during the cozy fall season

When the weather outside gets increasingly rainy, many cats no longer want to venture outside and get bored at home. Indoor cats also need new stimuli to live a happy life. Especially in autumn you can find ingenious things in nature to keep the cats in your apartment entertained.

The leaf box

This idea is easy to implement, just collect a few handfuls of fresh leaves, they should of course be reasonably clean and dry. Place the leaves in a box that is open at the top and put it on the floor in the room. You will not believe how much cats love to roll around and hide in the fresh leaves. After a few days, replace the leaves again, the fresh leaves bring completely new smells with them. An inexpensive and easy enrichment.

The chestnut hiding place

In autumn you can find chestnuts everywhere, even in the city. Collect the nuts and fill up a small box with them. Hide a few treats for the cat between the chestnuts and the fun can begin.

Halloween pumpkin

The family fun of pumpkin carving can also serve as a fabulous attraction for the cats. Hollow out a large pumpkin (until all the moist material is out of the pumpkin) and carve holes (at least large enough for a cat's paw to fit through) into the pumpkin. Then put a few treats, leaves, acorns and the like in the pumpkin, then put the lid back on.

Your cat will thank you...

for the change with plenty of cuddles. You can take care of the grooming right away, because the summer coat should be brushed out when the coat changes.

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