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Dogs and their needs

Guide for dog owners: What does my dog need?


Like any living creature, dogs have certain needs that owners must be aware of in order to ensure a happy life for their pet. Here is an overview of a dog's most important daily needs. 

Daily basic needs

  • sufficient good food
  • sufficient fresh water
  • sufficient movement
  • sufficient sleep
  • the opportunity for a bit of time alone

Need for security

A dog's need for security is fulfilled by:

  • having at least one attachment figure
  • an ordered daily routine
  • reassuring leadership
  • sufficient opportunities to withdraw
  • freedom from pain and fear

Social needs

Social needs are fulfilled through: 

  • the human 'pack'
  • regular contact to other dogs
  • body contact
  • play

Social recognition

Dogs receive social recognition through:

  • praise
  • acknowledgement
  • being allowed to join in all fun activities
  • a sense of achievement when being training


Sometimes dogs just want to be dogs and allowed to do what they like:  

  • frolic
  • dig
  • run
  • bathe and swim
  • and whatever else a dog's heart desires...

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