E-book: Londi learns about Lions at LIONSROCK Big Cat Sanctuary

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This children’s book tells the story of Londi and his adventures – a tale of sorrow, empathy and hope!

We are happy to share this book digitally, so you can read it and enjoy it, especially in times like this. It is only available until first of May, afterwards, you can order a print version at


The age-old story of the African Lion can be traced to many places. The events in this book recount how Londi experienced this at LIONSROCK Big Cat Sanctuary where he first heard the awe-inspiring roar of a lion. The sound rumbled all around him and reached into the depths of his soul. It was majestic and it told the story of Africa. Taking walks at LIONSROCK and looking out over the Savannah, he discovered more about the plight of lions. In the background the pride roared, telling their story and asking him to be their voice and the voice of countless other lions kept in captivity. Their roars will never be heard in the wild.

What Londi comes to realize is that the hope for ending the abuse of big cats is in the hands of the youth of the world. This book shows young and old alike that compassion and care towards animals have a fundamental and positive impact on the future of us all, and that we can all do something, whether big or small, to help organizations such as FOUR PAWS create a world where animals are treated as sentient beings; with respect, empathy and understanding. With these words, let’s join Londi at LIONSROCK, sound the call to action and start to fight for the lions! Rise up and roar for lions!



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We would like to thank the author Ralph Ratshitanga and Julie Sneeden for the beautiful illustrations!


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