Enrichment in BEAR SANCTUARY

Enrichment For bears

Search game for children – Dushi needs support!


Some of our bears lived in bad conditions in the past. Many had no bathing facilities, nothing to do and stood on concrete. Some have thus developed severe behavioural disorders, which they slowly overcome under the new living conditions in our BEAR SANCTUARIES. To support them, we enrich their enclosures and promote their natural behaviour through 'enrichment' (the technical term for this housing concept is 'Behavioral and Environmental Enrichment').

The aim is to create conditions that are reminiscent of life in the wild. For this purpose, the food is hidden under branches or piles of stones, so that the bear spends most of its time searching for food, just as in the wild.

In order to keep our bears on the go, our animal keepers in the BEAR SANCTUARIES are constantly creating new enrichment opportunities, so that the animals do not get bored in their everyday life.

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Search game for children 

Dushi likes apples very much. Our animal keepers have hidden 5 green apples in this picture. Dushi needs help in searching!

Where are the apples?
Bear at Müritz

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