Rescued dogs from closed slaughterhouse

Oct 2019

Shelter / Private home

Rescue Dogs Lucy and Her Friends 

Rescued dogs from the the first Cambodian slaughterhouse closure 


In October 2019, FOUR PAWS shut down a dog slaughterhouse in Takeo Province, Cambodia, rescuing all dogs that were on-site awaiting slaughter. Several dogs had severe wounds and untreated injures which required medical treatment, while others were incredibly emotionally traumatized. In late 2019, 6 of the rescued pups made the journey from Cambodia to the US where they were adopted into loving homes thanks to FOUR PAWS US and our local partner Connect-A-Pet New England. The remaining four dogs (Lucy, Bodie, Benji and Andy) stayed behind at our partner Animal Rescue Cambodia because they needed additional socialization and care, so that they too would learn to trust people again.

Unfortunately, just prior to Lucy, Bodie, Benji and Andy leaving for the US, their travel plans were cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As most airlines discontinued service to Cambodia, the pups were forced to stay in the country for a while longer.


Lucy was the most nervous and fearful out of the slaughterhouse dogs. She frequently hid in her kennel, scared that she might be snatched or killed. Lucy however loved snacks, and so with time, her caregiver Monich was able to spoil her with delicious treats, and she slowly came out of her shell. She went to live with a foster mom, who then realized that she simply could not say goodbye to Lucy. Eventually she was adopted by her foster mom in Phnom Penh, and is now enjoying exploring ancient temples and going for tuk tuk rides.

Dog Lucy


The owner thought he brought his business "good luck" and therefore ​kept Andy locked in a cage in the slaughterhouse for more than 2 years. Andy is a shy but very sweet guy, and has scars all over his body from where he was most likely attacked from other dogs in the cage. He also suffered from a severe ear infection when rescued. He enjoys being cuddled, stroked, and other dogs if they are well behaved. He is currently at Animal Rescue Cambodia awaiting transport to the U.S.

Dog Andy


He is timid dog rescued from the slaughterhouse. Originally fearful after his rescue, he has improved dramatically while at the shelter with ongoing socialization and care. He is very bonded with his human caregiver at the shelter Monique – the two enjoy afternoon cuddle sessions. Benji also has a special talent for "smiling" on command. He is currently at Animal Rescue Cambodia awaiting transport to the U.S.

Dog Benji


Bodie is another slaughterhouse rescue and is a sweet and playful girl. Bodie is very curious. She loves food and treats, and likes to stand on top of her crate and watch what is going on outside her kennel. She gets on well with the other dogs, although she can be quite shy with strangers at first. Bodie is currently at Animal Rescue Cambodia, awaiting transport to the U.S.

Dog Bodie
Rescued dog Lucy

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