Lion Bobby in FELIDA Big Cat Sanctuary

Oct 2018


Rescue Lion Bobby

Lion Bobby is settled and relaxed at his home in our FELIDA Big Cat Sanctuary 


For years, Bobby was locked up in a small cage with a concrete floor in Europe’s Worst Zoo. With no protection from the elements, no medical or species appropriate care, no grass under his paws or enrichment, he lived a hopeless existence. In October, 2018 a huge rescue mission went underway, and alongside the other wild animals in the zoo, he was given a second chance. 

Due to the horrible conditions, Bobby was suffering from an infected wound that was infested with maggots. Bobby also has kidney issues, which requires intensive care and life-long medication. Lucky for him he can receive all of this at his home at our FELIDA Big Cat Sanctuary.

Bobby's recovery has not been easy, something expected after years of abuse. Although, mentally, he has made great improvement to heal from his previous life traumas. Today, Bobby is doing great and is a much loved lion at the sanctuary.

He was rescued alongside other lions Lenci and Zhaku.

Farewell Zhaku

Only two months after he arrived at FELIDA Big Cat Sanctuary, and for the first time felt sand and grass under his paws and the sun on his fur, we have to say goodbye to our beautiful Zhaku, much too early. His kidneys were damaged too badly. Kidney failure was already diagnosed in Albania and reconfirmed during the last medical check, but we still hoped that we could give Zhaku a good time with medication. This friendly and imposing lion, who lived for years in hell on earth, is no longer with us. Our hearts are broken for Zhaku, but we are certain he knew love and comfort in his last days.

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Update February 2020

Bobby’s favorite hobby is to relax and sleep in his hammock.

This handsome fellow is not a very playful or active lion. After his morning routine, which involves checking everything throughout his enclosure, marking his territory, and roaring along in the "lion choir" with Lenci, Ivan-Asen, Masoud and Terez - he jumps in his hammock where he prefers to stay almost all day. Our animal caretakers at our FELIDA Big Cat Sanctuary have given him a range of enrichment. However, enrichment just isn't his cup of tea!

At the same time, he does enjoy the daily clicker training with his caretakers and we can tell Bobby is very intelligent and a fast learner. But other than that, he just prefers to be as lazy as possible. And who can blame him?

Update June 2020

Beautiful Bobby is doing really well. While not that long ago he preferred to spend the entire day in his hammock, he is becoming more active and has more energy lately. While he never liked to play with any form of enrichment, he is getting more and more interested in playing. Especially the cooling popsicles are his favorite, he can’t get enough of them! Although he still loves his hammock, he is now also willing to lie down on one of his other platforms. 

All this positive behavior indicates that Bobby is feeling well, confident and at home. As Bobby has kidney failure, we will always monitor him closely, but for the team at FELIDA, it's a blast to see him like this!

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