Bear Misha at BEAR SANCTUARY Domazhyr

Nov 2019


Rescue Bear Misha

First steps in his new life


Misha arrived safe and sound in BEAR SANCTUARY Domazhyr in the evening of the November 21st 2019. He adapted well to his new environment in the sanctuary, however, due to a few health issues (sinuses infection and rotten tooth) he had to take medication which he took without any problems.  

He is resting and sleeping a lot and behaves calm and friendly. He has a great appetite, and really enjoys his food. Misha gets cooked food and fruits and vegetables cut in pieces. His caretakers say that his favourite food, so far, are mandarins and grapes.

On the November 29th, Misha was successfully released in his outdoor enclosure. 

Update December 24th 2019

Misha is settling in slowly, but is still very unsure of his new surroundings. We are therefore happy that he stays a little longer in the outdoor enclosure every day, exploring it carefully. When he has had enough, he retreats to a self-built straw nest in the bear house. 

His past – full of suffering

12-year-old male bear Misha was one of Ukraine’s #saddestbears. He was kept on a hunting station where he was most likely abused for bear-baiting. Local animal welfare activists rescued him in September 2019 and brought him to safety. But unfortunately Misha still lived in a tiny cage so FOUR PAWS rescued him to give him a species-appropriate life at our BEAR SANCTUARY Domazhyr.

help the saddest bears in Ukraine!

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