Rescue Kitten Roxy

May 2020

Shelter / Private home

Rescue Kitten Roxy

Found as a malnourished little kitten on the streets of Cambodia


Roxy, the little calico kitten, was seen wandering the streets in Cambodia. She was visibly malnourished, skinny and very hungry. As she was all alone, when she was found by our team with partner organization, Animal Rescue Cambodia, as part of the Saving Pagoda Animals program. We knew this little kitten needed some help to get back on her feet. She was brought to the shelter to be properly cared for.

After several weeks of nourishing care, Roxy slowly gained weight. She has eventually blossomed into a happy and energetic little cat who loves to play and cuddle!

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Kitten Roxy having a cuddle
Stray animal care in Cambodia

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