Brown bear reaching out of cage in Azerbaijan

Help for bears in Azerbaijan

February 2024 A call for help from Azerbaijan. 

The non-profit organization Good World Animal Rescue and Protection (GWARP) asked for help for 15 rescued bears and 7 bears that are still being kept in one restaurant in Azerbaijan. All bears already belong to the state as the private keeping of bears in Azerbaijan was banned in 2000. But as there are no wildlife veterinarians in the country, no medical equipment, and no medication to treat bears; we were asked for support and treatment of those animals.  

In November 2023, our team visited Azerbaijan and treated 12 of the bears, castrated the males to prevent breeding, vaccinated & microchipped all the bears and provided medical treatments. Moreover, our experts provided advice to the staff on improving the living conditions and the management of the bears.

Now we need to go back and help the remaining bears. Make a gift today to support this mission and to help create a world where animals are treated with respect, empathy and understanding.

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FOUR PAWS helps brings an end to the suffering of the world’s saddest bears left in captivity. Our #savethesaddestbears initiative takes place all over the world because cruelty is not local to just one area: it is worldwide. 

In Europe, our teams liberate bears from deplorable keeping conditions under private ownership, tourism, and bear baiting. Most of these bears have lived in concrete cages their whole lives or have been forced to perform in unnatural ways, such as dancing for entertainment or being forced to drink beer. FOUR PAWS advocates for bears on a legislative level, helping to make cruel practices illegal, while operating six bear sanctuaries in the countries of Bulgaria, Austria, Kosovo, Ukraine, Switzerland, and Germany. 

In Vietnam, FOUR PAWS is battling the cruel bear bile industry, a growing black market. It is estimated 800 bears are still suffering on 250 bear bile farms. Bears in this region are kept in deplorable conditions on private farms and drained of their bile. FOUR PAWS works in cooperation with local NGOs and the Vietnamese authorities to help educate the public on why bile farming is so harmful and what cruelty- free alternatives are available. In addition, we also provide a sustainable solution: life- long, species-appropriate homes for the bears at our BEAR SANCTUARY Ninh Binh. 

Through the support of generous animal lovers like you, we are currently providing life- long care at our seven sanctuaries for 99 bears. And more rescues are planned in the near future. 

Our work is still greatly in need of your support. Will you help us #savethesaddestbears? With your donation, you can change a life.