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Measures in times of corona

We are well prepared to continue to care for our animals


As the coronavirus / COVID-19 pandemic changes day-to-day, and our world faces new uncertainty and challenges, we wanted to share with you the adaptations that FOUR PAWS has made to secure the safety and health of our global workforce and the hundreds of animals in our care. 

Most of our offices spread over 15 countries have opted to protect our workers by initiating a work-from-home policy. As citizens of the world, we know the impact our actions may have on the general population and we are holding ourselves accountable to protect not only animals at this time, but our fellow humans. 

As for our sanctuaries for rescued animals in twelve countries, our promise to provide these animals with the highest standard of care will never diminish. Although most of these facilities have closed to the public for the time-being, our caretakers are working on a regular and rotating schedule. Our animals will continue to receive their specialized diets, expert veterinary care, appropriate housing and enrichment that FOUR PAWS is known for. 

Additionally, and unfortunately, due to lockdowns and travel bans in many countries among many other factors, any new animal rescues are on hold until further notice. Despite the challenges our teams and the world face to navigate this new reality, our commitment to our animals knows no bounds and we will continue to uphold our promise to all the animals we have in our care.

We wanted to assure you that FOUR PAWS is fully committed to the wellbeing of our animals, our team, our partners and collaborators and we will continue to adopt the necessary measures to continue our work and the protection and care of animals in need.

Thank you for being our loyal supporters, donors and followers.  We are dedicated to updating all of you with the progress of our missions and stories of hope from our rescued animals. As much as we can, we will post photos and keep you up to date with the health and daily routines of our animals.