Sociable, chatty and astoundingly intelligent, chickens are fascinating animals with distinct personalities. Their social and communicative behavior is highly developed. 

Mother hens, for example, communicate with their unhatched chicks in the egg. When well kept and cared for, a chicken can live up to 15 years. In contrast, battery hens on factory farms live for only around 20 months. During this time, they lay some 300 eggs per year – this strain takes its toll. What do you know about chickens and how they are treated? Read below. 

interesting facts about chickens


10 Facts About Chickens

There's a lot more to chickens than you might think 


Age of Farm Animals

How old would a cow, a pig or a hen live to be if they were not slaughtered?


A bonding affair

Family bonds are not exclusive to humans


the hidden suffering of chickens

People have kept domestic chickens for thousands of years for their eggs and meat. But today, chickens fact suffering on a massive scale due to the number of laying hens kept for extremely high egg production and the suffering inflected upon broiler chickens for fast production and mass consumption. 

Industrial poultry farming focuses on the cost-effective production of meat and eggs, popularly eaten as a source of protein. The lives of these high-performance chickens mostly takes place behind closed doors – and their lives are short and painful.

Cage eggs industry overview

In the U.S., egg production is big business.


Companies go cage free

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Ways to prevent cruelty to animals

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