Farm animals

FOUR PAWS has been working for decades to improve conditions in relation to the breeding, transport and slaughter of so-called farm animals such as cattle, ducks, poultry, pigs and sheep. Each year, billions of farm animals die after a short life in a terrible environment.
Our international campaigns have successfully initiated a transition towards animal-friendlier down production in the textile and bedding industry. One of FOUR PAWS' long-term goals is to achieve a ban on keeping laying hens in cages.

A few years ago, FOUR PAWS initiated an animal welfare labelling scheme to provide consumers of animal products with details on breeding, transport and slaughter. Our aim is to help consumers make informed decisions and to support alternative, animal-friendlier production. 

Dairy cattle in a barn in Germany

Cruel Practices in Farm Animal Husbandry

Modern farming systems are causing severe animal cruelty

Broiler chicken farm

Torture Breeding of Farm Animals

The suffering from traits as a result from highly specialized breeding


Climate and animal welfare

Impacts on animals and the planet


Animals in fashion

Hidden cruelty behind wool, down, and other animal materials

Lamb in a field

Disasters and Farm Animals: Are You Ready?

This guide will help you and your livestock get prepared for when disaster strikes


10 Facts About Pigs

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10 Facts about Turkeys

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10 Facts About Chickens

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Foie Gras

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Goat laying in field

Age of Farm Animals

How old would a cow, a pig or a hen live to be if they were not slaughtered?


A bonding affair

Family bonds are not exclusive to humans


Cage eggs industry overview

In the U.S., egg production is big business.

A female laying hen in a barn

Laying Hens

Laying over 300 eggs per year, modern hens are bred to produce more eggs for the industry 

Dairy cows being milked

Milk Madness: The Torment of Dairy Cows

What suffering exists behind your daily glass of milk?

Rabbit eating a leaf

FAQs about Wear it Kind

Your questions and answers on animal welfare in fashion