Pigs are among the most intelligent animals and have an exceptional capacity for learning. 

Since pigs cannot sweat, they like to take mud baths on hot days to cool down. As social beings, they live in larger groups. A sow will only go into seclusion shortly before giving birth and build a nest. Learn more facts about pigs and the animal welfare issues they face on a daily basis.

interesting facts about pigs

10 facts about pigs

What do you know about these remarkable animals?


Needs of the Domestic Pig

Biologist Dr. Christian M. Hammer explains what pigs really need 


A bonding affair

Family bonds are not exclusive to humans


the suffering of millions of pigs

In intensive pig farming, these animals cannot act out their natural behaviors. Their basic needs such as body care, social interaction, their instinct to explore, desire to root for food and build nests, are suppressed. The consequence is severe physical and psychological damage. 

Schwein in einem Stall

Mutilation of Pigs

Animals are adapted to the farm environment, instead of vice versa.


Age of Farm Animals

How old would a cow, a pig or a hen live to be if they were not slaughtered?


How to identify cruelty to animals

FOUR PAWS explains what to look for


Animal Welfare & Nutrition

FOUR PAWS promotes to reduce, refine, and replace animal products


Ways to prevent cruelty to animals

FOUR PAWS recommendations on how to care for pets and animals