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Wild animals, not wild stories 

Behind the scenes of the Netflix Tiger King series, is the abuse of animals and an international network of breeding, trading, and exploitation of tigers, lions and other big cats. 

With an estimated 10,000 big cats in the U.S., 1,600 captive tigers in Europe, and 1,500 caged tigers in South Africa, FOUR PAWS is fighting to protect ALL big cat species and ban the commercial trade. 

We believe in a world where big cats live in the wild, not where the story about their life in captivity is so wild that it ends up on Netflix.

The Issues

Problems for big cats in the wild and in captivity

In Danger of Extinction

Business in the age of mass extinction

Threats like climate change, habitat destruction, biodiversity loss, and wildlife trade gravely impact the survival of all big cat species; the world has already lost 90% of its wild tiger population. Yet the captive industry for big cats is booming. We must #BreakTheViciousCycle

Captive Breeding

The legal commercial trade 

Big cats are bred for selfies, cub petting exhibits, walk-with opportunities, circus shows, or kept as pets. As long as it is profitable to breed them, the demand will continue to grow. Join our efforts to end the big cat crisis in the U.S. and learn more about the truth behind big cat tourist attractions!

Killed for the Wildlife Trade

The illegal trade and their use in traditional medicine

The trade in big cats and their parts is an international problem. FOUR PAWS exposes the role that Europe and South Africa play in supporting the strong demand from Asia for big cat parts. Read more about #RuthlessTrade

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What FOUR PAWS is doing

Revealing suffering, rescuing animals, and protecting them!


With our undercover work and campaigns for legislative change, FOUR PAWS reveals inappropriate and life-threatening conditions for animals. 

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FOUR PAWS rescues animals in need worldwide that are under direct human influence, and provides continuing help and medical care to reduce and end the suffering of animals. 

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FOUR PAWS provides a safe, lifelong home for wildlife such as big cats rescued from non-species-appropriate keeping conditions around the world.

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Rescured tigers

What can You do?

Take action: Help us end the exploitation of big cats in the U.S.

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Break The Vicious Cycle

FOUR PAWS is fighting to ban the commercial trade of ALL big cats in South Africa


Big Cat Protection

FOUR PAWS works to protect big cats around the world

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Worldwide Circus Bans

Countries, states, cities and towns have started restricting the use of wild animals in circuses