Puppy Mills and the Puppy Trade

 The dirty business of treating dogs like a "commodity"

Puppies born at massive commercial breeding facilities are robbed of a life free of suffering.

Dogs languish under horrible conditions confined to basements, sheds and garages. They are kept in small, dark and dirty accommodations with no ventilation or heat, are not given any exercise, and are often malnourished and dehydrated.

Mothers of these puppies are also deprived of much needed medical care and are reduced to become breeding machines. For those mother dogs who are kept with their pups, which is not typical, they are often too weak to care for their babies, forced to breed over and over again with next to no recovery time in between litters.

For the puppies taken from their mothers, these social animals are frequently removed from their mother at far too young an age. They are deprived of social contact and care from humans or their mother. 

Removing puppies from their mothers too early increases the chance that the puppies will become sick. Puppy mill dogs are often very ill because they are not vaccinated, receive no medical care in the beginning of their lives, and sometimes carry genetic diseases.

Breeders do not monitor inbreeding and good lines of breeding. There is also the risk that these animals may carry rabies. 

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Pushed For Profit

Only a few weeks after birth, puppies are sold to pet stores or advertised online.

Customers are entranced by these cute animals at the store, or through by misleading images online; they then frequently rush to the decision to buy the puppy, unaware that the dogs are usually not vaccinated, de-wormed or chipped.

The Suffering Continues

Information about the animals' housing conditions and upbringing are not presented truthfully. 

In the mass breeding business, dogs are generally not housed or treated in a manner adequate to their needs. When transported for sale, puppies bred on illegal farms are likely to travel hundreds of miles for several days. During this time, they are kept in horrendous conditions and may be suffering from medical conditions.

Unfortunately, some won't survive the journey.

A certain level of illness and death is expected, and even calculated for, in this cold-hearted business. The puppies can end up anywhere in Europe, especially in the UK, to be sold on as cheap ‘homebred,’ pedigree dogs.

buying a puppy cheaply supports The cruel, illegal trade.

These so-called “bargins” come with a high price.

What Can You Do?

The puppy trade is a gruesome business, but you can make the important, informed decision NOT to support it. Adopt, don't shop and encourage your friends and family to do the same!

FOUR PAWS recommends choosing to adopt a pet instead of buying one. A great place to adopt is your local animal shelter. Shelters have a variety of dogs of different sizes, ages and pedigree. Visit your shelter to find your future best friend today!

We always recommend adopting a rescue puppy or a dog rather than buying one.