10 Facts about turkeys

Learn more about these amazing birds

  • Turkeys have great hearing, but no external ears. They have a field of vision of about 270 degrees and are able to see in color but not well at night.
  • They can see movement almost a hundred yards away.
  • Turkeys are social animals. They enjoy the company of other creatures, including humans.
  • Turkeys can recognize each other by their voices, and more than 20 unique vocalizations have been identified in wild turkeys. 
  • They are incredibly curious and inquisitive animals who enjoy exploring.
  • Turkeys are highly intelligent animals who, just like the dogs and cats in our homes, are playful individuals with unique personalities.
  • Turkeys form strong social bonds and show affection towards one another.
  • Turkeys are gentle creatures who enjoy socializing with human companions and protecting other turkeys with whom they’ve bonded.
  • In the wild, mother Turkeys naturally raise their chicks for five months and fiercely protect them from danger.
  •  Wild turkeys can fly at speeds of up to 55 miles per hour and run at speeds of up to 25 miles per hour. The natural lifespan of the turkey is up to 10 years

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