Endangered Species Act

Help Save the Endangered Species Act!

The U.S. Endangered Species Act (ESA) was passed in 1973 and is a landmark piece of federal legislation that protects threatened and endangered wildlife, fish, plants and their habitats. The ESA remains a wildly popular law among American voters and is a shining example of what our country can accomplish when we come together to cooperate in the name of a common, worthy goal. This year, FOUR PAWS is proud to be one of several organizations celebrating the 50th anniversary of this monumental law.  

As one of the most successful conservation laws of our time, “the ESA has been credited with saving 99% of listed species from extinction thanks to the collaborative actions of federal agencies, state, local and Tribal governments, conservation organizations and private citizens.” The ESA has also protected millions of acres of habitat: forests, beaches, rivers, and wetlands that species rely on to survive and recover.

Yet, despite half a century of protecting, conserving, and recovering wildlife from the brink of extinction, the ESA remains under attack by members of Congress. Instead of upholding the law and representing the interest of the people, these government officials are prioritizing corporate interests and profit above science, the health of the planet, and the survival of endangered species.  

Under the Trump Administration, lobbyists for the oil, gas and land development industries were successful in persuading the Administration and federal lawmakers to enact reforms that placed economic profits over species survival, undermined the definition of habitat to allow for more development, and prevented use of the best available science in order to strip the ESA of its strength and power in protecting wildlife from extinction. And while the Biden-Harris Administration is trying to reverse some of these harmful changes, the attacks in Congress continue at an alarming rate. 

Without the ESA, iconic species like the Bald Eagle, Grizzly Bears, and American Gray Wolves would no longer exist. Threatened international species, such as African Lions and Elephants - granted protection under the ESA as part of U.S. international treaty obligations to ensure the survival of species against harmful international trade - would also suffer. Additionally, the ESA also affords protections to endangered species in captivity, allowing for the rescue of animals like tigers and lions living in deplorable conditions in U.S. roadside zoos.

No More Victims of Corporate Greed!

We must act now to ensure the ESA and the animals it protects do not become victims of profit. Threatened and endangered animals around the world need your help today!

Take action by contacting your federal Representative and Senators and urge them to oppose the current attacks on the Endangered Species Act. Let your legislators know what our world’s wildlife means to you and that we must protect threatened and endangered species and ensure a livable planet for all of us.  

You can find your Senators and Representative here.