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Sometimes its not easy to keep the whole family entertained whilst stuck at home, but do not fear! There are plenty of fun, animal-friendly activities for children to enjoy when stuck at home during the corona crisis! . Not only are these activities good fun, many of them can benefit animals in some way. Have fun and explore!

What about some D.I.Y fun?

  • Support bee by sowing seeds or plant flowers - you can do this in a flowerpot on the balcony or in the garden.  Maybe you can make a bee out of paper and put in on your window!
  • Paint animals on pebbles in their natural habitat - this could be in the jungle, under the sea or in the savanna!
  • Create a quiz: you can find amazing facts about animals. How to create the quiz? Take a sheet of paper and cut it into square cards. Make the fact as a question, e.g. Can elephants jump? Write the question on one side of the cards and the answer on the back. Then you can question your siblings/parents/friends - let's see how much they know about animals!
  • Bugs LOVE to hide, and they are very important for a healthy ecosystem! If you have a garden, you can make an easy bug hotel. To do this you just need to gather some things from the garden, such as twigs, dried leaves and pine cones, and use some cardboard tubes (big or small) - toilet paper rolls are perfect. Place all the materials inside the tubes, and pile up the tubes somewhere in the garden - soon you will have some bugs visiting your hotel.
  • Spring is a great time to see birds - so invite more to your garden by making an orange bird feeder. All you have to do is cut an orange in half and scoop out the inside - use a BBQ skewer to poke four holes around the opening of the orange skin. Then, you will need two pieces of thread or string to pull through the holes (one string goes through two opposite holes). After this, the orange is ready to fill with birdseed and to hang on a branch in your garden!

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