Laughing horse

Funny Facts about Animals

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  • The laziest animal in the world is the koala. They sleep for around 20 hours a day! That sounds like a relaxed life!
  • A tricolour (or calico) cat is almost always female. They are often called lucky cats (they should bring us luck!). Read more about cats here!
  • Cockroaches have been around for a very long time – even before the dinosaurs.
  • Flying forwards and backwards – that’s no problem for honeybees and bumblebees.
  • The color of the skin of an adult polar bear is, surprisingly, black.

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  • A chameleon catches its prey with its tongue – which is about twice as long as its body.
  • In order to recognize each other, squirrels kiss when they encounter.
  • There are studies that show cows produce more milk when they listen to quiet music. Get more facts about dairy cattle here!
  • Horses like to drink and drink and drink: on average, a horse drinks up to 30-60 litres of water a day.
Happy elephant

Elephants cannot hop!

(by the way, hippos and sloths cannot jump either)

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