Bear Mitko in his tiny cage in Slovenia

FOUR Immediate Steps to Protect Slovenia’s Captive Bears

Do not wait – Mici, Mitko, Tim, and Masha are relying on your support


For more than two decades, these bears have endured unimaginable suffering in cramped cages, with Masha enduring this sad state for over 30 agonizing years. Tragically, Felix, who spent over three decades alongside Masha, recently passed away without the medical intervention he desperately needed. Despite clear signs of distress and the urgent need for medical attention, the authorities in Slovenia have turned a blind eye to their suffering.

FOUR PAWS is ready to step in, ready to rescue and relocate them to one of our sanctuaries. But we cannot do it alone! Your contribution today could mean the difference between a life of misery and a future filled with love and care.

Will you join our call and help us to rescue Mici, Mitko, Tim and Masha?

The four bears need you!

Send an e-mail

Send an e-mail to the Minister of Natural Resources and Spatial Planning of the Republic of Slovenia and demand him to take responsibility for the captive bears in his country, to finally end their suffering and order a confiscation. Take action now!

Take to Social Media

Leave a message on the Social Media channels of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Spatial Planning (Facebook, Instagram), which is responsible for the keeping conditions of the bears, and of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food (Facebook, Instagram), which is responsible for the welfare of the bears. You can help urge the authorities to finally act and end the suffering for these bears, before it is too late. Here are some posting suggestions:

  • Why do you allow bears in Slovenia suffer? Take action now! #SaveTheSaddestBears
  • Bears in Slovenia suffer, but only because your ministry refuses to help them! Get active now! 
  • Finally take responsibility and save the captive bears in Slovenia! Get active now! 

Donate for their rescue

Our mission: bring these poor bears to our BEAR SANCTUARY Arbesbach in Austria as quickly as possible. With your help, we can put pressure on the Slovenian authorities and persuade them to act. Every day counts - your donation makes a difference!

Spread the word

Are you friends or colleagues traveling to Slovenia this year? Tell them about the suffering of the bears and ask them to support FOUR PAWS protest. Share the campaign with your friends and family after you signed our action.

Help us rescue Mici, Mitko, Tim and Masha! 

Bear Mici in her small cage at a restaurant in Slovenia

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