Cow skin for the leather industry


Brutal practices persist within the domestic and wild animal leather industries


Leather, or hide, is used throughout the fashion industry. From budget retailers to high-end brands, it is almost everywhere. Most of the international supply is dependent on, and encourages, the farming of over one billion sheep, goats and cattle who are slaughtered every year. With the skin from baby sheep, goats, and cows popular in the fashion industry for the soft leather it produces, many lambs, kids and calves live their short lives in industrial and high-stress environments before being killed.

But it doesn’t end there. Millions of wild animals such as lizards, stingrays, kangaroos, ostriches, alligators and crocodiles are also slaughtered for their skins. Find out more about exotic leather.

Tragically, these animals usually have little or no protection. Farming and slaughter often involve the violent and brutal treatment of animals, treatment that is not only legal but standard practice.

An almost complete lack of traceability in the leather industry makes it incredibly difficult for a buyer, or a fashion brand, to know the treatment of the animal that was killed to make it. Without this information, buyers are completely in the dark, unable to have any confidence in the ethics of the leather products they purchase.

Until the welfare of animals used in the leather industry can be assured, we say no to leather.

Beef cattle indoors at a farm

Beef cattle indoors at a farm

What are we doing?

FOUR PAWS refuses to allow this suffering to remain hidden, and we are exposing the truth behind the use of leather in fashion. We are working with the fashion industry while highlighting the cruelty and lack of transparency around the leather industry, and thanks to our efforts a growing number of people are standing with us.

Through our Wear it Kind program, we are building a worldwide movement of people, designers, and brands who are demanding kindness to animals used in fashion. The tide is turning.

Today, there are more alternatives to leather than ever before, and that number continues to grow rapidly. In fact, it’s never been easier to find fabulous, great quality fashion that is entirely free from animal suffering.

Pinatex handbag by fashion company SVALA – made out of Pineapple leather

Pinatex handbag by fashion company SVALA. Leather made from pineapple waste and other waste materials is becoming increasingly popular!

How can you help?

What You Can Do

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