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Creating an animal-friendly fashion industry

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More oversight needed for animal welfare in fashion

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Why Kind Will Fix Fashion 

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Brands Can Stop Live Lamb Cutting (Mulesing)

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Animal-friendly fashion is the only kind of fashion! 

Together we are exposing the cruelty faced by the animals used in fashion and creating a future where great fashion doesn’t cause great suffering. Change is happening thanks to people taking action, and the number of brands moving towards a kinder future for animals is growing all the time. 

Let’s create a world where animal-friendly fashion is the only kind of fashion!

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Animals That Suffer for Fashion

Billions of animals are used by the fashion industry every year. Some are caught from the wild, others are kept in factory farms, suffering fear and pain throughout their lives before being cruelly slaughtered when it’s no longer profitable to keep them alive, or when they are big enough for their skin or fur to be used. But it doesn’t have to be this way! 



Sheep Wool & Live Lamb Cutting

Sheep are complex creatures whose needs are often neglected. Widely used across the Australian wool industry, the mutilation practice of live lamb cutting causes intense suffering and pain for millions of lambs annually.
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Each year, up to 100 million animals are killed for their fur. Most are raised on farms, trapped in tiny wire cages and forced to endure a shocking life of cruelty, while millions of wild animals are also caught and killed for their fur.
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Down & Live Plucking

The production of down feathers for clothing and bedding is a huge industry. Every year, billions of ducks and millions of geese endure brutal treatment to supply down feathers.
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Animal skins are prevalent throughout fashion. The suffering these animals face is often appalling and there is zero traceability as to their standard of care. Brutal practices persist within the domestic animal leather industries.
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Exotic Leather

A life of horror, which for some then ends with being skinned alive. Such brutal practices persist within the exotic animal leather industries. We can change this!
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Curly haired mohair goats endure repeated exposure to cruel sheering processes and painful mutilations for fashion products.
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Cashmere goats endure pain and suffering for their fine fur undercoats used in luxury textiles.
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Angora rabbits endure a lifetime of torture hidden away for their soft fur.
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Alpaca Wool

Alpacas endure distress and fear during the shearing process for their fine fur.
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Take Action

There are simple steps we can all take and, together, we can Wear it Kind.

1. Animal-friendly fashion starts with you!

Take the pledge to Wear it Kind.

2. Make great choices

Use our Wear it Kind shopping guides to help you!

3. Protect lambs

Sign our petition to protect lambs from live lamb cutting (mulesing).

4. End the deadly fur trade!

Call on all countries to ban fur farms now!

How else can you take action?

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Campaign Updates

Read our latest press releases, reports, and stories about the #WearItKind campaign!

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Introducing the Term ‘Live Lamb Cutting’ to Replace Mulesing

FOUR PAWS, alongside leading animal protection groups are calling on brands, industry stakeholders, politicians and the public to adopt the term

Woman with fox

Fashion Forward: Next generation Materials are Both Animal Friendly and Sustainable

Next Generation Materials are Both Animal Friendly and Sustainable

A newborn lamb next to its mother

Lamb Mortality and Live Lamb Cutting (Mulesing)

Help to end the suffering of millions of Australian lambs used for fashion

Fox on a fur farm in Poland

Interview with SLAY Director Rebecca Cappelli

Interview with SLAY documentary director Rebecca Cappelli on the heartbreaking reality of animal cruelty in fashion

Taming Fashion: An Urgent Call to Reduce Animal Use in Fashion Sustainability Report Cover | 2023

FOUR PAWS Launches ‘Taming Fashion’ Report

A two-part report series that reveals the broad environmental and animal welfare costs of utilising animals for fashion

Nike just did it and says “no” to the mutilation of lambs

Nike Follows Through on Protecting Lambs

FOUR PAWS welcomes step towards higher animal welfare by switching to certified wool

Rebecca Picallo Gil, FOUR PAWS mulesing campaigner

Global Fashion Companies Publicly Call on the Australian Wool Industry to End Mulesing

FOUR PAWS hands over open brand letter to Australian wool industry

Minks in a cage at a fur farm

#FurFreeEurope: Activities and Achievements of 2022

Find out what has been accomplished since the launch of the ECI

Rescued lamb at farm sanctuary

Animal-Friendly Fashion Collection at Where Pigs Fly Farm Sanctuary

Global and local fashion brands showcased at a special Wear it Kind photoshoot


400 International Fashion Brands oppose cruel wool

FOUR PAWS advocates for animal welfare at high-level industry event in Northern Italy

Woman wearing animal-cruelty-free fashion

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