End the Dog and Cat Meat Trade


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Rescued dog Jackson, Cambodia


FOUR PAWS helps dogs and many other animals under direct human influence

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Dogs are our beloved companions, family members, and even part of an essential workforce that helps people in need. Their ability to sense the world around them makes them exceptional guide dogs, therapy dogs, or rescue dogs. Nonetheless, the wellbeing of these amazing animals is the responsibility of humans.
The reality for many dogs around the world is harsh. Hundreds of thousands of stray dogs struggle to survive on the streets due to ongoing illness, injury or undernourishment. Worse still, they are often killed brutally  sometimes as an inhumane and ill-conceived means to manage stray dog populations; or in slaughterhouses and restaurants for human consumption.  

facts about dogs and how to 
protect them

Dog with paw up

10 facts about dogs

Surprising facts about “man’s best friend”


Cruelty to animals

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon that animals are victims of violence 


How to identify cruelty to animals

FOUR PAWS explains what to look for


Ways to prevent cruelty to animals

FOUR PAWS recommendations on how to care for pets and animals


what we Are doing

FOUR PAWS supports shelters and dog owners with educational programs and information that promote responsible dog care. In our work to create a kinder world for stray animals, we also help communities and municipalities through various Stray Animal Care projects and programs, which we carry out worldwide. 

Tackling the cruel dog and cat meat trade in Asia

The consumption of dogs and cats is one of the most controversial animal practices today


mission to help stray dogs

How FOUR PAWS works to help stray dogs worldwide


Puppy Mills and the Puppy Trade

 The dirty business of treating dogs like a "commodity"


Petition AGAINST dog meat

Stop the dog meat trade in Indonesia – sign our petition now!

Make your voice heard

Learn more about dogs

Getting a Dog?

Things to consider before getting a dog


Dangerous Foods for Dogs

Many foods that are harmless to humans can be deadly to your companion 

Scared dog

Separation Anxiety in Dogs

What can you do if your dog doesn’t like being left home alone? 

Puppy with FOUR PAWS staff member

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