In most households today, dogs are considered members of the family. We affectionately call them Man's best friend and treat them like a sibling or a child. Some even have a job as rescue animals, support animals, or guide dogs. It is our duty as human beings to keep dogs in accordance with the needs of their species.   

But dogs aren't valued everywhere. In some countries, a dog's life looks completely different: hundreds of thousands of strays live on the streets – many are ill, injured or undernourished. They are often killed as parasites, and in some places dog meat is consumed by humans. 

Find out more information about this beloved species and the animal welfare issues they face today. 

facts about dogs and how to 
protect them

10 facts about dogs

Surprising facts about “man’s best friend”


Cruelty to animals

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon that animals are victims of violence 


How to identify cruelty to animals

FOUR PAWS explains what to look for


Ways to prevent cruelty to animals

FOUR PAWS recommendations on how to care for pets and animals


what we Are doing

FOUR PAWS advocates the responsible handling of dogs and supports dog owners with helpful advice and educational programmes. We are also tirelessly working to help stray dogs worldwide.    

Tackling the cruel dog and cat meat trade in Asia

The consumption of dogs and cats is one of the most controversial animal practices today


mission to help stray dogs

How FOUR PAWS works to help stray dogs worldwide


Puppy Mills and the Puppy Trade

 The dirty business of treating dogs like a "commodity"


Petition AGAINST dog meat

Stop the dog meat trade in Indonesia – sign our petition now!

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