Dogs crammed into small cages and transported with no access to food or water

Highway to Hell

An investigation into the illegal trade of dogs and cats through Ha Tinh province, Vietnam

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Caged dog awaiting slaughter for the dog meat trade

Stolen. Killed. Eaten.


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Market selling dog and cat meat

Where the Cruelty Happens

The situation in Cambodia, Vietnam, and Indonesia 

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Cat in cage awaiting slaughter

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Caretaker Sary Dit with rescued dog

Making an Impact

Learn about the lives we've saved

Rescue stories

The Dog and Cat Meat Trade in Southeast Asia

Let's end this cruel trade

Acts of unbelievable cruelty are happening throughout Southeast Asia. Every day in Cambodia, Indonesia and Vietnam, pet dogs and cats are stolen from loving families, leaving their owners desperate for their return. The animals are captured and then taken to slaughterhouses and markets to be brutally killed. The dog and cat meat trade also poses serious human health risks as it encourages the spread of rabies and other deadly illnesses. 

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Campaign Details

Dogs in cages at a live slaughter market

The Truth

The real situation for dogs and cats in Cambodia, Indonesia and Vietnam



Research and findings on the dog and cat meat trade in Southeast Asia


Public Health

Pandemics, rabies, and other risks to public health – and ways to change

Slaughterhouse closure in Skun


Press release collection related to our campaign work to end the trade



Read the personal accounts and in-depth information from our teams working to end the cruel trade.

Caretaker Sary Dit with rescued dogs

Activities & Achievements

A timeline of our campaign to end the dog and cat meat trade 


Take Action

There are simple steps we can all take!

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For tourists 

Research your travels. Learn what to watch for and what you can do. 

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Campaign News & Updates

Read our latest press releases, reports, and stories about our campaign to end the dog and cat meat trade in Southeast Asia

A white and brown dog behind rusty metal bars

South Korea Announces Ban on the Consumption of Dog Meat

In a historic move, South Korea is paving the way for other countries to follow suit

Dog in a cage at a slaughterhouse

16,462 People Join Virtual 'Run For Millions' to End the Dog and Cat Meat Trade

The event was held across Vietnam and organised by global animal welfare organisation FOUR PAWS


Rescue Stories

Saved from slaughterhouses and danger on the streets, meet the dogs that got a second change in life

End the dog and cat meat trade


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