Train Tigers arriving at LIONSROCK

2022 rescues & milestones

Take a look back at all we have accomplished together this year!


2022 was a landmark year for rescues at FOUR PAWS. We rescued 18 bears, 18 big cats, 6 foxes and raccoon dogs from a fur farm, helped 4 elephants, and aided tens of thousands of dogs and cats as a part of Stray Animal Care work across the world and our campaign to end the dog and cat meat trade in Southeast Asia. Additionally, we advocated for more compassionate treatment for farm animals and fought to close fur farms across Europe. In 2022 and beyond, we fight for animals, worldwide. 

Let's take a look back at the highlights!

Our Biggest Bile Bear Rescue

In February of 2022, we rescued 9 bears from 3 different farms in Vietnam, Danh, Thi, Teo, Tai, Tin, Khoi, Vui, Nui, An now live at our BEAR SANCTUARY Ninh Binh

Lion Cub Nikola

Lion cub Nikola found a new home at our FELIDA Big Cat Sanctuary after escaping from illegal keeping and wandering the streets of Montenegro for 10 days.  Watch of video of Nikola playing here. 

Emergency Rescue of 7 Bears in Ukraine

7 bears were temporarily relocated from White Rock Bear Shelter near Kyiv to our 

#TrainTigers Rescue in Argentina

Dr. Amir Khalil and his team rescued the #TrainTigers: Sandro, Malfada, Gustavo, and Messi from the train car in Argentina, where they had lived for more than 15 years, and brought the big cats to our LIONSROCK Big Cat Sanctuary in South Africa  

Emergency Rescue of Horses in Ukraine

Our Romanian partner organization ARCA helped relocate several horses from war torn Ukraine

Lion Gjoni

Lion Gjoni was rescued in an emergency mission after the restaurant located close to his cage burned down. The lion has been temporarily brought to our BEAR SANCTUARY Prishtina in Kosovo.  

Bear Vova

Despite the challenging circumstances in Ukraine, we succeeded in rescuing bear Vova, a 20-year-old male bear who now lives at our BEAR SANCTUARY Domazhyr.

Emergency help for refugees and their pets in Ukraine  

Since the start of the war in Ukraine, we have aided refugees crossing the border with their pets, including providing 2,000 refugee pets with veterinary care.

Emergency Food Delivery to  Kyiv Zoo

We delivered 40 tons of food to wild animals in captivity in Ukraine

Emergency Help for Stray Animals in Ukraine

As of April, we have restarted our stray animal care work in Ukraine, where we have now helped over 1500 dogs and cats. 

Release of Bear Cubs Huba, Vihar & Goran

After being rehabilitated, Huba, Vihar, and Goran, the 3 rescued bear cubs from Bulgaria, are released back into the wild  

Bears Sam & Jamila 

After 4 days of travel across 3 borders, Sam & Jamila, the two bears from North Macedonia, arrived safely at Arosa Bear Sanctuary. 

Bear Cubs Bé & Em

Asiatic black bear cubs Bé and Em were confiscated by authorities in Lai Chau, Vietnam after they were stolen from the wild. Police contacted our team, and now the two cubs are thriving at our BEAR SANCTUARY Ninh Binh. 

The 5 Romanian Lions

The 5 Romanian lions — Ellie, Geena, Vincent, Dolf, and Roman —were transferred from FELIDA Big Cat Sanctuary to LIONSROCK Big Cat Sanctuary after being rescued from private captivity in Romania last year.  

Elephants Noor Jehan & Madhubala

Dr. Amir Khalil and his team performed a groundbreaking dental surgery on elephants Noor Jehan and Madhubala in Pakistan.  

Elephant Kaavan

Our Dr. Amir Khalil was reunited with elephant Kaavan 18 months after we first rescued the world’s loneliest elephant. Kaavan now lives at a spacious sanctuary in Cambodia. Watch a video of the reunion here. 

Dog meat trade survivors fly to Switzerland

Five dog meat trade survivors —Brinkman, Rhodey, Sassy, Shark, and Wanda — flew from Cambodia to Switzerland to find their forever homes.  

Bear Bakhmut

Found by the Ukrainian military in the war-torn Donetsk region, Bakhmut was rescued during another emergency mission and transferred to our BEAR SANCTUARY Domazhyr.  

Working Horses

In order to help working families and their animals in Romania, our team provided veterinary treatment to 40 working horses in Smardioasa and Cervenia. 

Bear Iva

Rescued during an emergency mission in Macedonia, Bear Iva now lives at BEAR SANCTUARY Belitsa in Bulgaria.

Bear Soi

Asiatic black bear Soi was rescued from a bile farm in Vietnam and taken to our BEAR SANCTUARY Ninh Binh  

Fur Farm Rescue

Foxes and raccoon dogs Emi, Asami, Skadi, Mala, and Samara are rescued from a fur farm in Poland, and are now living at our TIERART Wild Animal Sanctuary  

The Golden Pride

10 lions — Sandile, Khaya, Zuri, Kimi, Dandi, Sarafina, Rudo, Kali, Zendaya and Sihle — were rescued and brought to our LIONSROCK Big Cat Sanctuary in South Africa.

The Sudan Lions

Kandaka and Mansour finally rescued and brought to Al Ma’wa for Nature and Wildlife, which we run in cooperation with the Princess Alia Foundation.

Arctic Fox Wukk

Arctic Fox Wukk rescued from private captivity and brough to TIERART Wild Animal Sanctuary   

Bear Mark

The last “restaurant bear” in Albania was rescued and brought to BEAR SANCTUARY Arbesbach  

Pandemic Prevention and Advocacy

Our team participated in a high-level policy round table at the UN, advocating animal welfare to be a top priority in order to prevent the next pandemic.  

Therapy Dog Busia

Therapy dog Busia, who was formerly a stray dog, continued to work with soldiers, refugees, and school children in Ukraine. 

Wild Horses in Romania

In Romania, our wild horses team boosted 25 horses with immune contraceptive in a continuation of our wild horse fertility control program 

Advocacy for Farm Animals

Over 60,000 people sent a letter to Nike demanding they #StopCruelWool and exclude mulesed wool from their products. You can sign the letter here. 

Dog Meat Free Coalition

In 2022, 19 jurisdictions in Indonesia committed to going dog meat free as a result of our coalition work with Dog Meat Free Indonesia

Helping Stray Dogs & Cats

Our stray animal care teams in Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, and India continue to provide veterinary care, food, and loving homes for dogs and cats in need. Learn more about our stray animal care work here.

Protection for Birds in NYC

Bills 274 and 271 were passed unanimously by the NYC Council, requires city-owned and leased buildings to turn off non-essential outdoor lights from 11pm to 6am during peak avian migratory periods, potentially saving up to 230,000 birds each year  

Stray Animal Care in India

 FOUR PAWS launches our “Hospital on Wheels” service for animals in Chennai, India  

Creative Conservation Exhibit

FOUR PAWS USA partners with the Walt Disney Family Museum in San Francisco for the first Cause Awareness exhibition, “Creative Conservation: The Art of Endangered Animals” where photographs of some of our rescued animals were displayed.   

All "Dancing Bears" Rescued

· In celebration of the fact that all the “dancing bears” have been rescued, our DANCING BEARS PARK Belitsa, which is run in cooperation with Foundation Bridgette Bardot, is renamed BEAR SANCTUARY Belitsa  

COP27 Attendance 

FOUR PAWS attended COP 27 and led the Food 4 Climate Pavilion which experts and decision makers together from around the globe to discuss issues relating to climate and our food systems  

Progress for Sheep

Almost 60 major brands have now signed FOUR PAWS’ ‘Brand Letter of Intent’ committing to end their use of Mulesed sheep wool

More Brands Go Fur Free

The fur-free brands list now sits at almost 1,600 member brands!

Help for Shelter Animals in Ukraine

Nearly 10,000 pounds of pet food was delivered by FOUR PAWS to shelters in Ukraine, and our partner UPAW supplied an additional 2 million pounds of food to the war-torn region.

Big Cat Public Safety Act

The Big Cat Public Safety Act passed in the US Senate in December of 2022. When President Biden signs the act into law, the ownership of big cats will be banned in all US states. 

Dog Meat Trade Survivors Heading to the US

Several dog meat trade survivors are coming #HomeForTheHolidays! We will soon welcome Jack, Valkyrie, Lucky, Lassie, Novel, Quill, Pepper Potts, and Nita.

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